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About The Hearing Clinic

The mission of The Hearing Clinic is to make a positive difference in the lives of those with hearing concerns.


Our goal is to deliver client-centered hearing healthcare and comprehensive solutions for better hearing, to help strive for confidence and effectiveness in their communications with others.


We are committed to ongoing education, providing the latest in hearing technology. Delivering excellent personal customer service with compassion and understanding.

The Hearing Clinic  provides hearing devices from the top hearing aid manufacturers from around the world. We strive to provide you with a premier selection of the latest technology from the best hearing aid brands at very attractive prices.


As truly Independent Hearing Aid Audiologists we are able to offer the full range of all the products from all the Manufacturers. The Hearing Clinic allows you the opportunity to talk informally to a qualified Hearing Aid Audiologist in order to get the best ADVICE without any obligation. 

Joanne Duddy 
(HCA, Bshaa)
Graham Fiddes (HAD, Mshaa)
Marianne Williams (HAD, Mshaa)
Joanne Duddy
(HCA, Bshaa)

Meet The Team

Providing you with the best hearing health care



Graham is co founder of the Hearing Clinic and has many years experience as a Hearing Aid Audiologist and is an expert in the fitting of the latest digital and bluetooth technology.


Graham's extensive experience dealing with all manufacturers along with his technical expertise and personal approach is invaluable



Marianne is a partner in the business with many years as an experienced Audiologist. After working with various National companies, Marianne decided to set up a totally Independent company to offer a more personal service.

Marianne is a fully qualified Hearing Aid Audiologist and a Micro suction ear wax removal specialist and Tinnitus practitioner.



Joanne is a Hearing Care Assistant and has been apart of the Hearing Clinic team for 7 years. Joanne carries out hearing tests and is a Micro suction ear wax removal specialist.


Joanne is an invaluable member of the team who is head of marketing and you will often see her front of house with her friendly, welcoming smile.

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